Sunday, November 22, 2015

Computer Problems

No, this isn't the way our deck looks this afternoon. As noted, the date of this picture was 01/09/2010. You may wonder the significance of that date but it was just a few days after buying my MacBook which I have used to write my blog pages over the past 5 years. It is ironic that yesterday I wrote of it being the anniversary of that first page and today, my laptop macbook is locked up and I'm doing this on our HP PC. I have tried everything to "bring it to life" but have been unable to do so. Interestingly, a full-screen picture of H. H. Bennett's home back in Virginia is on the screen. After coming home from Church this morning, I showed Elaine a couple picture of Jack that John had sent and it seemed to work fine. We also talked about the Bennett picture that son Jon had sent a couple weeks ago so I pulled it up. When I went to close it down the cursor was not to be found. Eventually, I did find it hidden in the picture but can't get it to move. I've tried "escape", "pushing the switch" and nearly every other button, but nothing helps. I'm guessing it needs a new battery and hopefully we can get down to Computer World tomorrow to find out. And, it all happened on son Jon's birthday.

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  1. Hey: It did come back to life later in the evening. Tony