Saturday, October 31, 2015

Refinished Desk and Nebraska Loss

We bought this desk at an auction my brother Don had at a country school house down in SE NE back in the early 80’s. At that time we had the farm as well as our house in town. We used the desk in our “office/library” room at the farm. After we sold the farm in the spring of 1989, we took the desk, a dining room set with buffet, table and chairs back to Tim and Laura in Columbus, IN. What brings this to light today, is that I am writing the narrative of “happenings” during that year. I am past the date of our farm auction and worked today on our making 2 trips, within 3 weeks, to get the furniture to them before our leaving on a 6-week trip to Alaska. It wasn’t just a matter of getting it there but it also included refinishing it after we were there. Much of the scraping and sanding was done out in the garage, but we took the desk inside for the final coat of varnish. We were younger in those days but typically drove the 720 miles in one day. Elaine would fix a “picnic basket” of food and drink. Our ’92 Chevy Silverado Pickup had dual gas tanks so rest room stops and changing drivers were the limiting factor; and, neither of them took very long. 
I am reading from my Daily Journal to write the narrative and also scanning a few pictures to include. It was a good task to be working on this afternoon while listening to the Nebraska-Purdue football game. Purdue winning 55 to 45 doesn’t even reflect the “misery” that was endured listening to the game. After Nebraska scored first, I even attempted to get the game on TV. It cost $9.95 and I even pressed the “select” button, but it didn’t “take”. How lucky can a guy get in this “record setting season”. 

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