Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hot Water Heater Control after Pilot Light Re-lit.

We were pleased a week or so ago when the contractors from Black Hills Energy came to re-light our Furnace and Hot Water Heater pilot lights. Elaine called to my attention this morning that she had to adjust the shower toward more cold than normal. I was shaving at the time and acknowledged that the hot water was warmer than normal. The fellows at coffee reminded me that they would have had to change the control in lighting the pilot and just didn’t get it back to where it was. When I checked, it was set midway between normal and high. I re-set it to a bit below normal where it had been. I don’t think there was any intention of selling more gas but with all the new lines being laid, and pilot lights being re-lit,  if our experience is representative, many people will find a higher than expected Natural Gas bill. 

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  1. Hi Tony
    I have been digging into my family history since retiring and recently decided that I wanted to fill in as much as I could about my Dad's work in the SCS. I found the ARCSE web site and saw your name there and decided to try and contact you.
    I plan to contact the ARCSE Historian to see if he can guide me, but I am wondering if you have any suggestions about where/how I should look for the info since you sort of have a perspective of the agency and general and Dad's work in particular.
    Since I don't know how much of my info is wrapped up in this comment, let me give you my email address in case you want to reply. It is
    Thanks for any help.
    Jim Struve