Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Elaine and Audiologist

Elaine recently went through a detailed hearing test with a technician that provided Dr. Mueller with data that he used in discussions with Elaine and I. The technician and Dr. Mueller come out to the Seward Hospital Clinic for appointments. It was apparent from the test and Dr. Mueller’s examination that Elaine was a candidate for hearing aids. Today we met with Dr. Hofker, also a member of the Audio group including Dr. Mueller, with offices at Bryan Plaza in Lincoln. Dr. Hofker is a very personable young man who utilized the previous data but also did further examination, testing and consultation.
After explaining the need for aids in each ear, he inserted prototypes which were remotely connected to his computer for further testing and her reactions. He is shown in the lower picture beginning the process of getting a mold of each inner ear for “custom made” knobs. We went though the cost of various levels of technology, and the fact that neither Medicare nor BC/BS provide any benefits. We have an appointment in a couple weeks when the equipment will be ready for installation and fine tuning. Elaine is a good patient and convinced that this will be of benefit. 

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