Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sports Day

By the time the Cubs-Mets game started in Citi field at 7:00pm (CDT), I had just about reached my fill of games for the day. Having watched the 2-4 Huskers win against Minnesota by a score of 48-25, my energy was pretty well exhausted. Thank goodness they could walk off the field as the clock wound down knowing they were going to win. What made the game even more enjoyable was being able to watch it with son Tim. He and Laura are back for a short visit.
The Royals 6-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays was even more of what we are about ready to expect. After Escobar’s single for the Royals in the first inning, Price retired the next 18 batters. It wasn’t until Zobrist dropped a ball in short right field that the Royals had their 2nd hit. It was followed by singles by Cain and Hosmer making it 3-1. An RBI groundout by Morales made it 3-2. Then Moustakes singled and the game was tied. Alex Gordon hit a double scoring Moustakes and the Royals led 4-3. Rios finished it off with an RBI for a 6-3 win.  Nebraska and the Royals celebrate and the Mets lead the Cubs 2-1 after 5. I will probably stay up to see how it ends up. 

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