Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Unusual Baseball Event

This is the biggest news of the day for K.C. Royals fans. After coming back as they did in game 4, I believe they are back in the grove that they strayed from during the last month of the regular season. Now they will face the Toronto Blue Jays who won today by beating the Texas Rangers 6-3. It was a most interesting game. With the score tied 2-2 in the top of the 7th and Texas batting with a runner on 3rd base. There was a 2-2 count on the batter and as the Blue Jay catcher tossed the ball back to the pitcher, it hit the bat of the Texas batter still standing in the batters box. The ball dribbled out toward 3rd base and the runner scored. There were umpire conferences and the rule book was cited which legitimized the run. At that time, the 1 run lead looked like it might be all that was needed. However, Texas made errors on the next 3 batters and Toronto went on to win 6-3. In all my years of playing and watching baseball games, I had never seen the catcher hit the bat while throwing the ball back to the pitcher. Back in our Blue Valley League days, if Adolph would have done that, he probably would have just picked the ball up and then threw it back to Art on the mound. I don’t think anyone from Staplehurst would have considered advancing. Adolph probably would have even apologized to the Staplehurst batter.

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