Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tim and Laura Leaving

We have enjoyed Tim and Laura being here for the past week. They spent part of the time out at Owenses and have stayed at our house the past couple nights, but we enjoyed them all week. They have had an opportunity to eat in several of the small town “places” but Tim says his favorite is Lou’s up at Bee. Elaine and I agree. We certainly appreciate all the help they provided. Their time here was more than a visit helping to take care of Sadie and Jack while Julie and John were gone for a few days. (I was in my stocking feet on this picture which makes me look even shorter than what I’ve shrunk to be.)
It was a beautiful time of year for them to be here. This colorful tree is across the street from our house. We probably enjoy it as much as the people that live there. We have watched it grow since is was planted several years ago. We have a Maple in our front your as well but its leaves turn yellow and drop. The picture shows them loading suitcases to be on their way. Both Sadie and Jack became well acquainted with Tim and Laura during the week. The might have even spoiled them a bit. Tim got down on all 4 this afternoon and gave Sadie “pony rides” around our living room. She would clamp her legs around him and grab a handful of the back of his shirt to hold on. Jack got very used to Laura feeding him. He’s a good eater  and Laura has the patience to give him all he wanted. We wish they lived closer but really enjoy their visits. 

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