Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday night Fish in Bee

 About the time Elaine normally starts fixing our evening meal, she suggested that this would be a good night to go to Bee for Fish. I agreed and so we did. It is not only an excellent place to eat but also a social event. The first people we saw were nephew Terry, his daughter Angie and her daughter Allysa. We joined Lloyd who was alone at a table for 4 and had a good visit. After Lloyd left we asked Leroy and Marlys to join us. Leroy is in the “Helping Hands” Kiwanis Club here in Seward after several years in our “Kiwanis Club of Seward”. We had a lot to visit about.
This is what the plate of fish looks like. In addition it comes with coleslaw, french fries, and a slice of rye bread. I give Elaine my  coleslaw and Elaine shares her fish  and fries with me; so we both have all we can eat. I probably couldn’t get my plate cleaned up if it wasn’t for the Miller draft. We came back to Seward on the country road straight south of Bee. It took us past the Country School which Elaine attended for 8 years. It has been converted into a very nice private home. Some of the Soy Beans have already been harvested and it appears that Corn harvest will begin very soon. Great evening.

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