Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conversion of School to Church

This is what the old Seward High School looked like today. Considerable work has been done to convert it into a “Rock Lutheran Church” after serving as the Seward Middle School for a number of years. It was built in 1919 and continued to be SHS until a new facility was built on Northern Heights some 50 years ago. It served as the Middle School from then until just a few years ago when a new Middle School was built and the entire 3-block school area was sold. 
It appears that the south side of the building will be the front of the Church from the white material that has been put in place. An extensive fire escape has been added on the east side of the building to accommodate the top floor of the building. New heating/air conditioning has also been installed. It is an interesting “work in process”. This is the building that Elaine graduated from with many happy memories. We wish success to those involved, but there are times when demolition is preferred to keep memories in tact.

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