Friday, October 30, 2015

Auto Trips to California.

This is a historic picture of Elaine’s Flowerday Grandparents with her Uncle Bob and his wife, Carlene. It was taken in 1928 when Will and Emma (Elaine's Grandparents) had driven out to California with William and Flora Jeary. He was a nephew of Emma’s and had other family members in California to visit.  Bob was the younger brother  of Elaine’s Dad. He had gone to California as a young auto mechanic where he married Carlene. They had no children.  It was her Uncle Bob and Aunt Carlene that Elaine and I drove out to Santa Anna, California, for our Wedding Trip. We had borrowed my folks ’48 Fleetline Chevy for the trip. This was before the days of interstate highways so we drove down to Oklahoma City on #81 and took #40 out to California. What is interesting is how much automobiles and highways had improved during the 20 years between ’28 and ’48. At the time we thought of such a trip 20 years earlier as being in primitive days. But things that happened 20 years ago now, seem like “yesterday”. Elaine’s parents, Albert and Flora Flowerday, had a farm Auction, quit farming and moved to Seward in 1956. We had bought a new 7-passenger Pontiac station wagon that spring and took them and 3 of our kids out to visit Bob and Carlene. We enjoyed the visit, the trip and even got to Disneyland soon after it opened. 

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