Thursday, October 15, 2015

Owens Kids

 We got out to visit this afternoon and took some children’s books that I got at a recent auction. Sadie is enjoying the story that Grandma Carolyn is reading to her. She was also enjoying her new red shoes that came in the mail today. All she needs now is the “Yellow Brick Road”. She has a pretty busy schedule with Story Time at the Library, Violin lessons and preschool. With her Grandmother Carolyn having had many years of experience teaching 2nd graders, and having raised Julie, she is in good position to help Julie with both Sadie and Jack. I spent quite a bit of time with Jack today. He is such a good natured little guy and all boy. He can make all the tractor noises with his mouth when playing with his favorite tractors. He also likes to blink his eyes when Sadie or anyone looks at him and blinks. His blinks are always followed by a little laugh.
Jack likes to stand up against the hassock or anything that gives him a little support. He just hasn’t decided to take off walking without holding on to something. As his old Great Granddad, I can relate to that feeling. We drove out to the Golf Course on our way home after hearing that it has closed down. The course looks to be in beautiful condition and from all reports it is but the Country Club Board of Directors have determined that some changes must be made. As I understand, they have offered an opportunity for the City to take over and operate it as a municipal course. It’s too bad it couldn’t have stayed open as long as the weather stays nice. This was always one of my favorite times of the year to be out there. But we are forecast to have a killing frost tonight so Elaine has gone out and covered the geraniums in the old black butcher kettle by the porch.

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