Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Historic Picture

This picture was taken back in about 1951-’52. It was in the Jones National Bank located, at that time, on the north side of the city square. It includes: (l-r) me, Bernhard Ahlschwede, Keith Newton and Jim Struve. Jim and I worked for the USDA Soil Conservation Service, Bernhard was Treasurer of the Conservation District and Keith was with the Bank. We were depositing a $500.00 check that had been presented to our office as the result of accomplishments. Keith had been the Seward County Extension Agent prior to his going to work at the Bank. Elaine worked for him at the time of our courtship. As the Co. Agent, he and Jim worked closely together along with the Conservation District. It was when he came to the County Agent’s Office back in the spring of ’48 and told Elaine that he was looking to make a new hire, that the word got to me that it might be an opportunity. It led to my life’s work as well as Elaine leading to my life mate. 

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  1. And your decision to begin working on the agency and to meet that young lady had a life changing effect on my life as well. I am working on the 40th year of my career with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service) and, of course, the young lady turned out to be my mom!!