Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Seward Country Club Golf Course

Gene Oetting and I are shown here as 2007 Co-Champions of the Seward Senior Golf League. While I havn’t played the past couple years, our weekly paper carried a distressing story today of the Club Members having authorized the Board of Directors to dissolve and/or liquidate the Seward Country Club, Inc. at the end of the year. The Board was also authorized to offer the City ownership of the golf course with the city taking over the current debt of about $350,000. The paper didn’t cover additional details, but I understand the Club owns only the 2 acres where the Club house, parking lot and Storage Shed are located. The 9-hole Course and driving range have been utilized under a long term lease.
There was some consideration of the City taking over the Course a few years ago and expanding it to 18-holes, but it never came to pass. My hope is that the City will take it over, assuming an acceptable long term lease can be attained on the 9-hole Course. I would hope that it could be managed to not become a great burden on City taxpayers and could be looked at like our City Library, Park and Recreation Programs, etc. If closed, Seward would be the only City of its size in the State without a golf course. We have seen a Youth program at the Course in recent years as well as High School teams that have done very well. I spent some of my happiest days during the past 25 years out on the Course. The fellowship and exercise was a great benefit to my health and general well-being. I don’t know where this old Plaque may be stored with my name on it, and it really doesn’t make much difference. What will make a difference is in having a Course available for current and future players. 

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