Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hot Weather-Cold Football

Ken Siemek had it right as he talked about the possibility of setting a high temperature record today in eastern Nebraska. Ken, the weather forecaster on Channel 10/11, indicated the record was 89 and we had a good chance of topping it. At left is an “on-line” service by a local insurance office that shows our having a high of 95 at 4:14pm. I have just heard that Norfolk, NE had a high of 98 today. We have had a beautiful fall with occasional rain and generally mild temperatures. Farmers have been harvesting corn and soybeans. We have received over 29” of rain already compared to our average annual 26”. 
One of my farmer friends has said that you were unable to tell the difference between the dry land and irrigated corn while harvesting. This picture of our thermometer on the backyard fence was taken about 4:20pm. We do have a cold front moving in overnight but are still to have a nice Columbus Day tomorrow. The unusually warm weather gave Nebraskans something to talk about today other than Husker football. I did hear that our team is a 1 point favorite going to Minnesota next Saturday. The sportswriters were at a loss to  explain how 4 games could be lost as consistently as has happened this season. One even suggested that, just maybe, Bo Pelini has more influence with the football gods than we ever suspected. A real test will come in seeing if the “sold out” record of over 300 consecutive games can  be continued. 

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