Monday, October 5, 2015

Pilsner & General Patton

Kiwanis Club Member Louis Reith presented the program this noon on his recent visit to Pilsner in the Czech Republic. He told of the cities involvement in WWII which also led him to a discussion of General George S. Patton. The City has continued to honor and pay respect to Patton and the Allied troops for their liberation. He showed pictures of the beautiful old buildings that have been restored and also of the “non descript” housing that was built during the occupation which still provides living quarters for a significant portion of the City’s population. The City has a long history of its Breweries. We were in the Czech Republic some years ago but didn’t get to Pilsner. However, I did bring home an empty bottle of Pilsner Urquell that had been brewed there. According to Louis’s research, Patton’s leadership style was an excellent match for the situations he faced as he led troops in Africa, through Italy and on into Germany. His research also brought to light personal details which have never been publicized. I had the opportunity to spend 3-weeks with the General’s son, George Patton  III who was a 2-star, General in his own right. He was a Tank Commander and saw action during the Korean War. He and I were classmates and in a small “family group” at Harvard University in 1979. It was a Seminar for Senior Managers in Government and Industry at the Kennedy School and the Harvard School of Business. 

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