Saturday, October 10, 2015

Big 10 Football in Lincoln

With :09 seconds left on the clock, the Wisconsin Badgers had all the time they'd need to deal Nebraska another gut-wrenching loss. The Wisconsin kicker missed a field goal with just over a minute left, giving Nebraska the ball with 1:26 and Nebraska leading 21-20. All the Huskers needed was a first down. But, Wisconsin had all three timeouts and Nebraska was only able to gain 3 total yards on 3 carries. Following a Foltz punt, the Badger QB took over, marching the Badgers down the field with 1:06 left on the clock to put them in position for another field goal with :09 seconds left. Their kicker then nailed a 46-yard field goal to take the lead and end the game 23-21. That's the fourth loss for Nebraska this season, and the fourth loss that's come on either the final play of the game or in the final minute of the game. After last weeks lose, Tom Shatel, Omaha World Herald sports writer noted that "Mike Riley’s Honeymoon is over" as Nebraska’s new Coach. He went on to say, “the marriage is still in tact but he may have to sleep on the couch all week”. After today, he may have to leave the couch and go to the dog house.

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