Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Joy of an Auction

We attended the John Potter auction conducted by Underwood's this afternoon at the Seward Ag. Pavilion. It was most interesting with a large amount of very nice items. We had gone to Church early and I went down soon after it started at 11:00am. The had many items grouped together like these 4 books in one box. I was particularly interested in the Paul A. Johnsgard book but also thought the 1977  “Who’s Who in Nebraska”  and the 11th Edition of “Familiar Quotations” by John Bartlett were also  “treasures”. All 3 are in new condition. The 4th was an old Betty Crocker's Cookbook.

I came home for  lunch, and Elaine and I went back down. We also spotted these 4 children's books that were also in excellent condition and got them for $4.  We think Sadie will especially like the Peter Rabbit book with interactive sounds. I have already more than got my $7.50 dollars worth out of the other 3. (The old Cookbook has been recycled.) Just flipping through some of the 1200 pages of the  "Who’s Who” book, I learned more about some friends and relatives. The Johnsgard book is really what I wanted. I don’t believe it had ever been opened since published in 2001. It covers the Geology and Landforms of Nebraska including the State’s Ecological Regions and the Biological Communities. It would have been most helpful during my days with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission,  but now it is enjoyable and interesting reading. 

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