Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Narrative of 1988

This picture was taken in 1988. It was the year that I retired from my State job at the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission. I spent much of today writing and including pictures on my narrative of that year’s activities. It was probably one of the most frustrating years we have ever had. After having the farm for 8 years and dividing our time between our home in town and the farm, it was the year that we would spend more time out there and decide where we wanted to call “home”. Be it right or wrong, I still maintained many of the professional activities that I enjoyed while working.
We were both involved with activities that required travel and being away from home frequently. We had a big garden at the farm, harvested Certified Switchgrass as well as a yard that required considerable maintenance. It was an exceptionally hot, dry summer, the well breaking down, and having to walk the soybeans might have been the final straw in our decision to sell the place. Through it all, it was 8 year old Julie who was the bright light that kept us going. She spent a lot of time with us, and as I read back through that ’88 Journal, her name is on most of the pages

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