Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tim’s Ride in the Country

 Tim was interested in going on a car ride this afternoon. We went out east of Seward on Bluff Road which took us past where my folks once lived, past the farm where we lived after coming back to NE and on to Garland and its ballpark. Then we went north on the Ridge Road to the old Vrana farm where I was raised.  We went past the farm that we bought after we were married, seeded it to native grass and sold it after 20 years. We went past several “landmarks” before arriving in Bee and stopping at
Lou and MaryAnn’s Bar. We went on past the old Flowerday farm where Elaine was born and raised (upper right)  and back to Seward. It was a great trip. After Lou served our drinks, he sat down at our table and visited. While I admire what the Buffett’s are doing world-wide for rural communities as described in this morning papers, I also admire what Lou has done for the community over the past many years. Tim told Lou about his daughter telling him of she and a college professor in Atlanta, GA shared stories about each having been to Lou’s famous Friday night Fish Fry.  

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