Monday, October 26, 2015

Family Features and History

This picture of Elaine and Julie was taken in our house back in
Virginia. Julie would have been about 5 or 6 months old at the time. When we came across the picture this evening, we both thought that John & Julie’s son Jack has features that resemble her at the time. It often seems that the girl in the family looks more like the Dad and the boy more nearly resembles the Mother.  This is a very simplistic observation because we know that our DNA would show that we have chromosomes from many ancestors. The picture also reminds us that we ate Life cold cereal at the time. We moved back to Nebraska just a few weeks after this picture was taken. It was one of our major decisions for me to take early retirement and Elaine give up an excellent job with the US Forest Service and come back to Nebraska, but in retrospect, it was the right one. It gave us the opportunity to be with our parents for several years as well as siblings and extended family. Elaine can trace roots to Seward County, NE back to the 1890’s and mine go back to the 1870’s when Chris Turner came out from Illinois after being in the civil war. 

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