Friday, October 23, 2015

Another Busy Day

We had another busy but enjoyable day. Tim and Laura were with us for overnight since John and Julie got home. Tim went along with me to coffee and a visit in the scale room. Tim and Laura drove us to an appointment with the Ophthalmologist in Lincoln. It is generally a long wait to see the Dr. after the technicians do their bit and today it took longer than usual. Part of the reason because I also asked the Technician to check my eyes since I felt the need for a stronger reading prescription. As it turned out, the Dr. was very pleased with Elaine's eyes but is getting me lined up for cataract surgery.
We had made plans to go to Bee for fish with the Seward family but made some phone calls to delay the time of departure. We got there if but a bit later and had a great meal and an especially good time. Friday Fish is also a social event. Elaine was able to visit with a cousin that she hadn’t seen for some time, and I visited with an old friend. We missed the first 2 innings of the baseball game but were pleased to see the Royals had a 2-run lead when we got home. In the middle of the 5th it’s  TOR 1-KC 2.

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