Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jack, Sadie and Volkswagens

Jack and Sadie spent some time with us today. Jack continues to change from day-to-day. He was standing at the coffee table today playing with a truck and just stood there for a few seconds without any support. One of these days he will take those first steps. He is also making more sounds that are beginning to sound like words. Once today one sounded like Da Da. I may teach him to call me Tony, it would be so much simpler than Great Granddad. Sadie and I spent some time in the back yard. I showed her how the “animal trap” works that we have set up to catch the raccoons and opossums that frequent our back yard. She also came down to the lower level where I was working on my PC. She saw some of my model cars and picked out one that she wanted to take along home. It was one of my favorites and quite expensive so I pulled out a box of little Volkswagen. She knows 
the colors and picked out the black one for herself and the smaller red one for Jack. She was very impressed with learning that the doors opened and the seats fold down on the black one. The first red one didn’t have those features so we looked until we found a little red one that also had a hood that raised. Within the past few months, I have taken pictures of all my model cars, trucks and tractors and have made a list of them. But after her asking, I decided that If we can pass along some of our possessions and see people made happy by them, maybe it’s the best we can hope for.

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