Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Rainy End of September

We not only had a rainy fall day in Seward, but also are fortunate in having the Suhr-Lichty Insurance web site available to give us the details. It began raining this morning about 9:00am and continued until around 4:00pm when we had some sunshine. We are already well over our  average annual precipitation with 3 months to go. Much of that moisture has soaked in and the excess of plant use will recharge our Groundwater. Our Natural Resource Districts have done a good job  implementing regulations at a local level to control the withdrawals. Their record is an example of how much more acceptable regulations can be, if developed, implemented, and enforced locally. California could learn something about irrigation water management from Nebraska. We are unique with our NRD's and the Unicameral Legislature, but it has worked for the good of the State. You would think other states would catch on. But maybe that's what Colorado thinks about legalizing marijuana.

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