Thursday, September 25, 2014

50 Foot Flag Pole Erected

This is a Google air view of the site for the Seward Kiwanis Parade of Flags Project. I used it on my October 26, 3013 blog page in announcing the project. Final plans were made, funds were raised and the project is taking shape. Nebraska #34 is labeled McKelvie since that is what it becomes as it goes straight east for a number of miles. The Seward Hiker-biker trail shows clearly as does the Historic Marker to the City's first settler, located in the in-out drive at the bottom of the picture. The Flag display is being constructed across the highway from the Marker and will run from the dark green line at the bottom-right corner of the picture, some 400' to the white spot. The "Parade of Flags" will feature a 50' pole for the U.S. Flag surrounded by 6 shorter Service flags.
The 50' pole was assembled by a group of Kiwanians this morning and put in place this afternoon with the assistance of a City boon truck and crew. While the U.S. and Service flags are the focal point, the "Parade" consist of all 50 State flags at regular intervals on either side of a sidewalk to the far end of the project. This display adds to our recognition as the "Official 4th of July City" and the home of the State National Guard Museum. The location at the eastern edge of town is ideal being adjacent to the "Trail" and the "Historic Marker". The Nebraska State Tree is a Cottonwood which is the species of the large tree behind the flag pole. A Great Project.

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