Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our September Field Trip

Elaine and I made our annual "pilgrimage" to the country this afternoon. As part of Elaine's birthday celebration, we visit the farmstead and drive past the farm where she was raised and where her folks continued to live for several years. We had all 4 kids when she would go out and work with her Mother and Aunt in canning green beans, etc. All that remains of the farmstead is shown on the picture. Soybeans are growing in what was once a driveway, lawn, and corral. The old cement cave and house foundations have long since been dozed over near the road . I took the liberty of picking up a small piece of concrete that had worked it's way in to the bean field.
It is only 5 1/2 miles east from Elaine's home farm to where I grew up. We were pleased to see that the little house was occupied that had replaced our old farm house. I visited with the lady and daughter who bought the place recently after it setting idle for some time. They had come from North Carolina and felt much more at home out where there were hills and creeks. The large Black Walnut tree in the foreground was already a good sized tree when I was a boy. I remember of Dad hanging a lantern in it when we had a party. We were impressed with the quality of the maturing crops and the large acreage of Soy Beans. Among many other items of Nature, we observed two Turkey Vultures salvaging  Opossum and  Raccoon carcases along the side of the road. Nature is beautiful this time of year.

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