Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Golf- Reading about It.

During my later years with the Soil Conservation Service, I had the opportunity to counsel several potential retirees on the decision they were contemplating. One of my "stories" was about my
Town Team baseball days where we would set around a case of beer after the ballgame was over and replay the game. I would tell them that once they retired, the "ballgame" they had been playing would be over and they could set around and talk about it or take up a new game. I am now at the point of having given up golf (other than an occasional round) and am setting around and talking (and reading) about it. I have a rather extensive golf book library including the one pictured which I'm reading. It is a humorous little book of words and paintings selected by Helen Exley and published by Exley Publications in Great Britain and Exley Giftbooks in the USA simultaneously in 1995. I had never read the book before now and find it quite enjoyable with its English humor. I might even finish it tonight and check out another one tomorrow. 

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