Monday, September 29, 2014

Signs of Progress-Concrete Being Poured

This was a beautiful day and ideal for pouring concrete. Here a crew of Kiwanis members are setting the base for the first State Flag for the Parade of Flags project. The base consist of a pipe set in concrete for the flag pole to slip into. There will be 50 State flags on either side of a walkway leading up to the U.S. Flag and Service flags. Several of the fellows shown working here also sing in the Kitones and reported at practice this evening that they got 19 bases set. They will be back at it again tomorrow and hopefully be able to finish the concrete work while the weather is nice. Don't be confused by the wheels of the cement truck up in the air.  
They drop down when the truck is fully loaded to
 meet weight limit regulations /tire. The next picture is of concrete being poured for the addition to the Seward Memorial Hospital. This is the base of the Physical Therapy Unit which will include a swimming pool. (See my September 6, 2014 blog page). They were also pouring concrete at the Jones Insurance Building on Main Street and have just finished pouring the parking lot and base for the new Dollar General store on South 6th St. New houses are being built in the new development  areas, and it's great to see Seward grow. We are fortunate to live here. 

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