Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Labor Day has been a memorable holiday for us over the years. It has involved putting up prairie hay, State Fair, visiting the Black Hills, celebrating Elaine's birthday, playing golf, etc. However, it would be difficult to top what we did on Labor Day 5 years ago. Julie was working for Martha Stewart in NY City and had a nice apartment. Carolyn and I had flown back to visit her and had seen the Mets beat the Cubs in Citi field on Sunday. The next day was Labor Day and in the morning we walked over to Ft. Tryon Park which is a high point in the City. We made the subway connections and were at Yankee Stadium by 11:30. The Museum area was closed but Carolyn's persuasion got us in. It was most interesting. We had good seats to see C.C. Sabathia and the Yankees beat the Rays 4-1 with Hughes getting the win and Mariano Rivera his 39th save. We walked past the old stadium on the way to the subway station. Carolyn and I flew home the next day but it was a GREAT Labor Day and wonderful trip. Today involved the garage door opener breaking a critical part as I raised the door to drive over and visit Charley in the Hospital. Since there was nothing open in Seward because of the holiday, we drove down to Lincoln and got the part along with a few other things. I was able to get it back together, the cars in the garage and the doors down by 4:00pm. I mixed a couple drinks, watched the Ricketts/Hassebrook Governor candidate debate and am enjoying the Royals leading the Rangers 4-0. Not a bad Labor Day after all, but hardly compares with the "bucket list cross-off day" 5 years ago.

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