Saturday, September 20, 2014

Worldwide Internet

A Bloomberg piece in this morning's Lincoln Journal Star, caught my eye with the headline of "Russia considers cutting off worldwide Internet to its citizens". The attached world map shows by intensity of green color,, the number of daily "hits" on my blog. The map is a couple days old but very typical of the number of hits from Russia. There are occasional hits from many other countries that don't show on this map. My blog was never intended to be of International  interest but merely a way of communicating with family, friends and a personal record of activities. When I first saw the number of hits from Russia, I assumed that it related to people learning the English language and how an ordinary American expresses himself.  I must admit to taking some pride in thinking that I may be contributing to someone's ability to communicate in English and hope, if that is the reason, it can continue. The article did say in part: "Russia, on the brink of recession after U.S. and European Union sanctions, provoked by the worst geopolitical rift since the Cold War over Ukraine, has been tightening control of the Internet this year. Putin, a former KGB colonel whose centralized power since he became president in 2000, has called the Internet a creation of U.S. spy agencies."

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