Sunday, September 7, 2014

Garland HS Basketball Team 1945-'46

This picture is of the Garland High School Basketball team in 1946. Ila and Ron Deinert stopped by this afternoon with this and a few others which we helped identify. Ila's Dad was Carl Bock who coached the team. I have sent a copy of it to my brother Don who is seated second from the right but haven't heard from him. We have most of them identified but expect he will know them all. Don and #10 setting next to him, Don Hartmann were the only two in the Senior Class that year. Hartmann went on through Concordia Teachers College and had a successful teaching career. My brother farmed, went to school to become a successful auctioneer. The older I get, the more I question  the meaning of "education". As important as formal classroom education may be, it continues throughout life and the opportunities for learning limited only by our energy and curiosity. I doubt that having only 2 in their graduating class had much effect on the very successful lives of the two Donald's.

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