Sunday, September 14, 2014

Melanie Benjamin in Seward

Melanie Benjamin, author of "The Aviator's Wife" was at the Seward Memorial Library this afternoon to discuss  her Lindbergh book which was a "Seward Reads" this summer. I wrote my June 28th  blog on my reaction soon after reading the book and indicated intent to withhold "judgement" until having an opportunity to discuss it with the Author. I knew she was scheduled to come to Seward and today was the day. The audience consisted of about 60 women and 5 men since the book' focus is on Anne Morrow Lindbergh. After an energetic presentation in which she indicated: "Facts are for historians but emotions are for historic novelist": she took questions and comments. I had the opportunity to ask her reaction to the dilemma that some of our most respected national leaders, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington all had indiscretions that were never brought to light and whether our learning about Lindbergh was good for society and the country. She agreed that had the  "public" known what we now know, they would probably never have been elected. She also commented that we will never know what leadership we may have lost more recently because of "everything being out". However, she also indicated that society is evolving in their acceptance of indiscretions. We have made significant progress during the past 50 years toward sexual equality and non discrimination in general, but are we ready to accept as "heroes" those who have outstanding ability in one area but have admitted to indiscretions. Should Pete Rose be accepted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?? She autographed a copy of my June 28th, 2014, blog page and confirmed my recognition of our changing morals.

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