Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fallbrook Subdivision of Lincoln

Elaine and I met my Brother Don and wife Gladys for lunch this noon down at the Toast Deli- Coffee Bar in the Fallbrook area of Lincoln. Don and Gladys had not visited the new Cattle National Bank and Trust facility in the Fallbrook subdivision so Laura gave us a tour. We also drove through the residential area which is most impressive. The Prairie Revival style of architecture is most prevalent which adds to the neighborhoods attractiveness. I especially like the paved alleys with garages in back of the houses. That  enables attractive front yards and porches that are reminiscent of the 1920's and '30's. We were also impressed by the number of people employed in the area judging by the cars parked at the Ameritas, Family Health Center, YMCA, Concordia University facility, etc. Super Saver is a big draw to the area being located right off highway #34. The whole subdivision is one that will play a major role in the City of Lincoln's future development. It is certainly off to a good start as a planned community and not expanding as so many cities do according to the desires of individual developers. If we were to move to Lincoln in the near future, this is where I would want to live. I think that will be the case for many others. 

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