Thursday, September 11, 2014

Patriots Day 2014

The Seward Volunteer Fire Department honored the fallen New Your City Fireman on Patriots Day with this flag display in the Civic Center Parking Lot today. It made a very impressive sight for anyone traveling on Highway 15 running north-south through town as well as for all of us locals. By this time next year the Parade of Flags will be completed along Highway #34 which runs east-west through town. That display will feature a large U.S. Flag on a 50' pole surrounded by 6 smaller poles with flags from the five branches of military service and the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action flag. This display will be located at the eastern edge of town across the highway from a State of Nebraska Historical Marker recognizing the county's first settler. The display is adjacent to Plum Creek Hiking-Biking Trail. A hard surfaced walkway will be extended from the Trail to the Flag focal point and then extended for more than another 300' with the 50 State Flags displayed  along the way. It will serve as a Welcome to visitors coming from Lincoln and the east to visit our recognized 4th of July City and the location of the new Nebraska National Guard Museum. The concrete base for the large U.S. Flag has already been poured and commitments have been made for the purchase and maintenance of all of the Flags for this Kiwanis project. The Club has been involved in selling and installing flag poles  as a project dating back a couple years before 9-11. To date they have installed over 700 Flags and Flag Poles in Seward and the surrounding counties.

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