Saturday, September 6, 2014

Progress and Questions

Work continues at Seward's Memorial Health Care Hospital. The addition will house the physical therapy unit as well as other features. It will include a "swimming pool" at the lower level which is being dug as shown. Hartmann Construction is doing the dirt work as they have on many projects over the past 50 years. As frequently happens, they are able to pair an excavation project like this one with one that requires additional fill dirt. This dirt is being hauled a few blocks to the site of the new Dollar General building where it is being utilized to raise the ground level of what was the Big Blue River channel
some years ago. It had been filled with various rubble over the years after the channel was changed. The area with the rubble under the surface will become parking lot and the building will be built over the area where this clean dirt is being placed to form an excellent base. We are looking forward to both of these new Seward buildings along with an attractive Insurance Building that is being completed. It is being build on a lot where the most popular Gas Station was located years ago. You have to wonder what our downtown "square" will be like after another 50 years. 

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