Friday, September 5, 2014

Socks on a Special Quilt

Elaine was mending one of my favorite pair of socks recently without realizing how many I had "stashed away".  I must admit to not being really aware of the number either. It has been taken for granted that their will be clean socks in the drawer that I haven't needed to think about those in a chest-of-drawers. With large feet it hasn't always been easy to buy good fitting socks at a reasonable price. That fact, and my "penny-pinching" has led me to buy bargains when I saw them. Some of them came in "bundles" from discount stores so there are 19 pairs that have never been opened or tags removed. I counted another 8 pair that have not been in the "regular rotation" of another 7 or 8 pair. They are all tucked back in the dresser but much closer to being moved up into the rotation. The bedspread the socks are laid out on may be of more interest to some than the socks. It is one that Granddaughter Julie had designed and was produced by Martha Stewart when she worked in New York City a few years ago. Our daughter Carolyn ordered it for us as a gift which we continue to enjoy. I can envision a "Plugger" cartoon saying that a Plugger always appreciates gifts and never passes up a bargain even if he never wears it.

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