Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nebraska Football Uniforms

Nebraska was most impressive in their 45-14 win over Illinois last night. Ameer Abdulla rushed for 208 yards and 3 TD's. The game was carried on BTN and started at 8:13 with over 91,000 in the stadium. I switched channels at every break to follow the KC Royals in their loss to the White Sox. I thoroughly enjoyed Nebraska's game but was somewhat chagrined by their uniforms. Fortunately, Tom Shatel, OWH sports writer, helped me out this morning. He commented "These 'replacement' uniforms make the Big Red look like blood clots, complete with ruby slippers".  The uniforms were "a brick red, from helmets to jerseys to pants to shiny shoes that glistened."
He mentioned that the numbers were  shiny, or as one press wag called it,"duct tape." We visited with our son Tim who announces HS games back in Columbus, IN and saw the game last night. He was very sensitive to the difficulty of reading such numbers. However, this seems to be the trend of the future. The days of the scarlet and cream are as outdated as the several pillars erected between Memorial Stadium and the old Coliseum. And, according to the legend, they haven't added to their number since 1937. 

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