Monday, September 15, 2014

Jim Gulliford, Executive Director SWCS

My September/November issue of the "Journal of Soil and Water Conservation" came in the mail today. Jim Gulliford, Executive Director of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (pictured), reports of the Societies recent 69th Annual Meeting in the Chicago area. The Theme of the Meeting was: "Making Waves in Conservation: Our Life on Land and Its Impacts on Water". Jim reports on a very successful meeting. Technical workshops, symposia, oral presentations and posters provided an opportunity to learn from and connect with university, agency and private sector researchers. Doug Garrison, NRCS Resource Conservationist stationed here in Seward, received a Commendation Award for his leadership for the Nebraska Chapter, Society Newsletter. Without counting, I'm estimating that I have participated in at least 25 of those 69 annual meetings. It was at the 1989 meeting in Edmonton, Canada, that I was selected to fill the position that Gulliford now occupies. Jim's ability and experience is ideal for serving as Executive Director of the Society. While looking at the Journal that  came in the mail today, I checked the Societies Web Site and found an opportunity to attain the Journals on-line that have been published during the Societies existence. For several years I  donated my copies to Concordia University but retained all those published during the years I was Executive Director. 

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