Saturday, September 13, 2014

A New Chrysanthemum

Our temperature was in the low 30's this morning and the rooftops were covered with frost. The sun came out early so it didn't last long but some folks had their tomatoes covered. I made a decision before breakfast on my day's activity. The Francis Baker estate auction started at 9:30 at their home which is only about 4 blocks from where we live. I looked through the on-line Schweitzer Auctioneer's sale bill last night  where many interesting things were listed. I have made it a habit of buying something like a pocket knife, etc. at old friends estate auction for a "keepsake" from them, but with the weather so chilly and the auction being held in their yard,  I decided to not go. The fact that the lawn needed to be mowed later in the day was also a factor in my decision. We did enjoy visits by both Carolyn and Julie today, and Elaine decided to make me same ham and bean soup for Sunday. We had the beans but went down to the grocery store and got some "Ham Hocks" to go in the soup. We also picked up this yellow Chrysanthemum, which I planted in front of  our front entryway Barberry hedge. We have others growing there but had a blank space where it filled in. I never have the courage to cut our existing ones back so they will bloom like this new one. Maybe next year I will get up the courage. I am satisfied that I made the right decision to spend over 2 hours working out in the yard rather than going to the auction. 

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