Friday, September 26, 2014

Local Politics

My August 22, 2014, posting, "Conflict in River City" tells of a hearing to determine if Mayor Josh Eickmeier had cause to terminate the employment of City Administrator Brett Baker. The hearing followed conflict over the past several months between the City Administrator and City employees. The City Council sat as  the jury listening to the testimony of employees, legal counsel,  and others. While they made recommendations to hopefully alleviate the communication problems, they were unable to find cause to support termination. The Mayor was unopposed in his bid for reelection. But soon after the hearing was held, a former Mayor, Bob Elwell has filed as a write-in candidate for the position. The City Administrator's contract will expire the first of December and it is doubtful that the Mayor will renew it. (That may have had some impact on the City Council's decision. )
Mr. Elwell has indicated that he hasn't determined if he would support renewal of the contract. I served as a City Council member under both of these gentlemen as Mayors. They are each very capable. I was not pleased with Mayor Eickmeier's hiring of Baker as recommended by the League of Municipalities rather than involving the Council. But I  believe he has "learned his lesson". I see no way that the City employees and Baker can effectively continue to operate after the testimony at the hearing. I'm still deciding. 

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