Saturday, September 27, 2014

Celebration of Life

We attended the Service of Celebration for Myrna Marie Zillig this morning; the lady I wrote about in my September 22 posting. It was a beautiful service from every perspective: flowers, music, tributes, memories, prayers, scripture readings and message by her nephew, Rev. Rod Lyon. We have known Rod all his life and are most impressed with his ability to present a most meaningful message. As a Family Member, he was able to relate to Myrna in a very personal way and said that, "She died in the prime of her life". You have to have known her to appreciate the merit of that statement. Having grown up in the depression of the 1930's, She was frugal and always looking forward and cheering the life of others. It is always nostalgic to get back in the United Church of Christ here in Seward. It was there that Elaine and I were married, our 4 children were baptized, and we spent some of the happiest years of our lives.  We also enjoyed visiting with friends that we hadn't seen for some time,; there was a lot of reminiscing.
This afternoon we visited our Great Granddaughter who was with Carolyn, while Julie and John participated in the Plum Creek Children's Literacy program at Concordia. They brought home a couple books for Sadie and Julie read them to her. She had her second birthday last month and has learned something new every day. I visited with her on the phone today for the first time. She certainly keeps us looking and thinking about the future. She learned to hold up 2 fingers at the time of her 2nd birthday. Yesterday, she held up all 4 finders and told Carolyn she couldn't find her two, so she had to be reminded which 2 they were. Education starts early and hopefully, continues throughout our lifetime. 

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