Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Slide Scanner

I have taken 35mm, Kodachrome slides since before our kids were born. We have thousands of them well organized in storage in the basement. We've had many of selected ones put on CD's and DVDs commercially so I could then process them on my computer as I saw fit. There are still many that I would like to have scanned and eventually put on DVDs for each of the kids. In 2009 I ordered this converter which I thought would enable me to convert slides directly to my  computer. But, I wasn't able to get it installed. Occasionally, I'd pull it off the shelf and try again; each time I "gave up" and had a few done at Walmart. However, the cost has gone up to 58 cents per slide. Consequently, I tried again today to "make it work" and was not successful. We all know about "Try, Try Again" but I've also heard it said to, "Try, Try, Try, Again, then Quit, don't make a fool of yourself".
In checking the Hammacher Schlemmer web site I find they now have this pictured, improved version available. It actually works as a "stand along" item with a battery, chip for storage and a viewing screen. Slides can be scanned  to the chip and then uploaded into the computer for further processing, storage, etc. It sounds like a much better and simpler way of operating than the old one. The question is: "Do I want to spend $150.00 for it". We do already have a good collection of pictures that I could use to make up a set for each of the kids. I don't want the big box of slides to become a "burden" for the kids some day. I do get a lot of enjoyment renewing old memories while working with pictures.  The  slides have retained their excellent color and quality and are a more personal item to retain than much of the "stuff" we have. 

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