Saturday, October 18, 2014

From Tomah , WI

We have had a great day here in Tomah, WI  and the day isn't over yet. This was down at Tony's "Vrana Drywall" office. Back row is Don, Tony and Tony (me), front row is Gladys, Kayce, Deb and Elaine. Tony took us out in the country to see the Cranberry harvest, colorful trees, and beautiful scenery. We stopped at the Cranberry Farm where Cody works. This is a major production area for the Ocean Spray company. The fellow that Cody works for has some 3,000 acres with 200 of it in beds. He also produces plants which are marketed . He gave us a tour of their operation which was most interesting. They had "cut" some berries which will be picked up within the next few days and get them out of the water.
Here is Sondra and Cody and his black Lab pup. Cody is 20 years old now and has really grown since we saw him last (3 years ago). Tony and Deb"s kids were involved with HS Prom activities this evening but several of us got together at Burnstad's to eat. We missed out on the first half of the Nebraska-Northwestern game and were disappointed to see the way the game was going when we got back. I got a picture of the "Crow Bar" in downtown Tomah as we came back to the motel. Our last name of "Vrana" is the Czech word for Crow (the big black bird), which is my reason for calling this blog page "The Crow's Nest". I don't believe the Crow Bar is called that for the same reason. Nebraska has scored a touchdown to take the lead at 21-17 at the end of the 3rd quarter.  

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