Monday, October 27, 2014

Dairy Farm Near Seward

Our program for Kiwanis this noon was provided by Marty DeHoog who with his family have moved from California to a Dairy Farm in our community within the past year. They are the 3rd family to occupy the Dairy Farm within the past 25-30 years and appear to have made the transition from an area near Los Angles to Seward in a commendable manner. They are milking some 400+ Holstein cows 3 times a day with 6 helpers, some of whom they brought with them. They also moved over 300 of their cows. Their milk is provided to the Dairy Association of America in Omaha and distributed throughout the area. Marty is a good speaker and may have set a record for responding to the highest number of questions that were ever asked of a program presenter. He obviously knows his business, is a hard worker and we wish he and his family and the Dairy Operation complete Success.  

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