Friday, October 31, 2014

Sadie; A Czech Queen

Sadie and her Daddy stopped by last evening after participating in the Annual Seward Rotary Club Halloween Costume Contest.  Julie had done a lot of hand sewing on Sadie's outfit depicting a "Czech Queen" but she was confined to the hospital following the delivery of son Jack. Sadie was pleased to show us the Medallion awarded to her as the 1st place winner in the Age 2 category.  I don't know what the criteria is to be a "Czech Queen" but in this outfit, she looks like one, especially to her Great-Grandfather who is half Czech. I don't know much about her Daddy's genealogy but unless his family can contribute to her Czech heritage, it appears to be diluted down to being only 1/16th. Some would say that's probably all it takes to continue that "Vrana Gene" tradition of speaking up and expressing their opinion. It does appear that Sadie has inherited her parents musical ability. She loves to sing and make up the words as she goes along. Her parents Jr. High band instructor predicted several years ago when they competed for 1st chair of the saxophone section, that "if John and Julie ever got married and had a family, they should be good musicians".

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