Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kansas City Royals,

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series, taking 4 games to the Kansas City Royal's 3. The "rubber" game ended 3-2 with Alex Gordon on 3rd base. How much closer could they come and still lose. Us Royal fans should be very grateful for the exciting end of season run that the team provided. As a long time NY Yankee fan, I began to follow the Royals when Lincoln, NE native Gordon was drafted as a #1 pick out of UN-L. I have a distinct memory of seeing Alex play 3rd base for the Huskers and commenting on his ability. Our interest in the Royals was also stimulated by seeing them nearly every game throughout the season on TV. Not only that, but they have been an exciting team all season as they rotated some players through Omaha. They are a young team that plays like they are  having fun. How can you explain a "wild card" team coming into the playoffs and winning 11 consecutive games other than to say, "GO ROYALS". And, THANK YOU for a great season of wholesome entertainment. 

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  1. Yes we were excited to see the Giants win after so many injuries this year. It is always a challenge not knowing who will win until it happens so we were all glued to the TV for that final game!