Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Anniversary

We participated in a Surprise Wedding Anniversary party today for Terry and Debbie Soucek. Their son Cory and his wife Amber planned a great event. It was timely, after Debbie having serious heath problems last summer,  it was also a celebration of her recovery. They had put together  a series of pictures taken over their 41 years of marriage and showed several of Terry's parents, my sister Vivian and her husband Eddy. Vivian passed away very suddenly back in 2008 and Eddy died a few years earlier. It was interesting to see the pictures and reflect on many happy family events. As families grow and the "senior members" pass on, it becomes more difficult to "keep up" with siblings families. Facebook helps to some extent and annual family  reunions are most important. But events like this today are very much appreciated. Thanks Cory and Amber for your leadership and Thanks to everyone who contributed to its success. Happy Anniversary, Terry and Debbie. 

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