Friday, November 7, 2014

Beautiful Fall Color

Our Red Oak tree in the backyard reached the height of its fall color earlier this week. It is shown with the Blue Spruce and the Japanese Maple near the house. Our precipitation has already been several inches over the annual 26" normal which appears to have made the trees more brilliant this fall. The leaves of the Clump River Birch (shown with the white bark behind the Oak) turn a pretty yellow and drop after just a day or two. The beautiful fall color and weather appears near its end as a cold front is headed this way and scheduled to arrive on Monday. Hopefully it will be later in the day since we have the Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale, coming out to help dedicate the Kiwanis Parade of Flags at 1:00pm. The display is already attracting a lot of attention at the eastern edge of our City along highway #34 with the large United States flag, 7 Service flags and the 50 State flags. 

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