Thursday, November 20, 2014

Owens Youngsters

We got out to visit the Owens family this morning and Elaine finished feeding Jack. He surprised us with how he had grown since we saw him a week or so ago. Julie says he typically wakes up twice during the night and expects to be fed. Some of us "older" people also get up a couple times during the night but she says the feeding takes quite a bit longer than going to the bathroom. She is looking and feeling better every time we see her. Carolyn spends a lot of time helping with everything while John is at work. Even at 3-weeks Jack appears to be of a much different personality than Sadie. He seems to be of a much lighter  complexion and a lot quieter in his disposition but he's still young. 
Sadie continues to learn and do new things. She and Grandma Carolyn do a lot of food preparation.  I was surprised to see her take a egg out of the carton, crack it open on the counter top, put it in the glass dish and stir it for a scrambled egg. I was a pretty big guy before I even tried to crack an egg, and when I did, it seems that some egg shell ended up in the skillet. She has a toy that will sing a song when a certain button is pushed. It is one of her favorites because she can sing right along with it. They have a bird feeder just outside their living room window which she enjoys watching. Elaine mentioned to her that we had a Red Breasted Woodpecker on one of our trees the other day. I don't think she was familiar with the word but enjoyed walking around saying "Woodpecker", 'Woodpecker" just as well as anyone could say it. Her mind works like a fly trap and anything she hears "sticks to it". 

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