Monday, November 17, 2014

Florence and Tony

This is my Mother and Dad on Christmas Day 1997 when they had driven down to our house for Dinner. I came across the picture this afternoon while going through some things and realized they were about the age then that I am now. They were both gone within 3 years but at this time and for some time following, they enjoyed life & the independence of their own home. They enjoyed their extended family, friends and neighbors right up to the end. Church and related activities were a major part of their social life. They lived in a very nice neighborhood where everyone took pride in their homes and yards. 
After KiTone practice I visited with a neighbor who sings with us and  lived next door to them for several years. He told of Mother bringing over fresh cupcakes as they were moving in and how much pride Dad always had in his yard. He also said they spent a lot of time setting out on their front "porch" enjoying the neighborhood. I have told him earlier how much the folks enjoyed them and their other neighbors. Dad always spoke of him as the Professor. (PhD at Concordia).  While I always recognized my folks as models for many things, it wasn't until I approached their age that I realize they were also a model for advanced years.

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