Friday, November 28, 2014

Sadie Elizabeth at age Two

This is our Great Granddaughter Sadie at the time of her 2nd Birthday this past August. It was taken by Allyson Garrett, a professional photographer who did an excellent job of capturing her many moods and expressions. Sadie continues to grow in many ways. We were with her and family for some time yesterday, on Thanksgiving Day, and she was very astute in helping her Grandmother put the finishing touches on the Acorn Squash. She has been an interesting case study in addition to just being a joy to be around. Somehow with our own kids, we were so busy with jobs and all the necessary chores, that we just didn't take time to realize what was really going on in their little minds and bodies. Granddaughter Julie was a great joy to us while spending a considerable amount of her childhood with us. (We even referred to her as our 5th kid at times) And, we were much more cognizant of her development than that of our other four. Now with Sadie, we are completely fascinated. It's not only that she already knows many words and what they mean, but that she has a very active mind that goes far beyond the things she verbalizes. Maybe all kids are getting smarter these days but to us, she is pretty special. Hopefully, living up to her eventual potential will not become a burden and that she can always be as happy as is reflected in this picture.

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